Web Strategy Meeting 08.09.2012

New Events Calendar Update

We’re hoping to transition to Middlebury’s calendaring system very soon. To get ready for the change, we’ve now moved the process of scheduling and coordinating campus events online:

Mobile Website Improvements

We’re making some final changes to the mobile website in the next couple of days so that it will be ready for students and faculty to use when they return. If you would like to promote the link via blogs and social media starting next week, send your followers to m.miis.edu.

Web Style Guide Updated – From Rebecca

The updated web style guide lives at go.miis.edu/webstyle. There aren’t many surprises here, but there are more details about how to setup a good webpage, how to use the sidebar and carousel areas, how to setup stories, and so on. If you have any feedback, or think there should be any additions, please let me know.

New Video Production Guidelines – From Eric

Eric has written and posted new video production guidelines for campus events. You can also work one-on-one with him on promotional and/or informational videos by completing the video request form: go.miis.edu/videorequest

Social Media Guidelines/Evaluation

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be publishing short social media guides for Facebook, Twitter, sites.miis.edu, Google+, and so on. Stay tuned for more information.

If you’re a social media account administrator, would you mind taking 15 minutes at the end of each month to complete our new evaluation forms for Twitter, Facebook, and sites.miis.edu? We would send email reminders to you at the end of each month with the links to these forms.

Any Other Ideas or Questions?

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