Moodle Gets a Makeover

Moodle, the Institute’s eLearning site, recently received its first official makeover. Visual and functional improvements were made in order to enhance the Moodle experience. In addition, since some content currently contained within FirstClass may eventually be moved to Moodle, we hope that these improvements will encourage faculty, staff, and students to use Moodle on a regular basis.

The new features include the following:

  • Color scheme
  • Dropdown navigation menus
    As you roll over the main navigation menu, you will notice that additional links appear in the form of a dropdown menu. These links will help Moodle visitors locate other important resources.
  • Social media icons

    Moodle now serves as a portal to the MIIS website, iTunes U, Flickr, YouTube, and FirstClass. By including these links we hope to strengthen the connection between the Institute’s numerous web presences.
  • Improvements to the Course Request Form
    The revised Course Request Form now guides users through the process of requesting a new Moodle space by providing specific examples. These changes will streamline the course request process and cut down on the time it takes to create new Moodle courses.

If you have any suggestions for future Moodle renovations, please comment and let us know!

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