How to stay sane in online transition – Project/Time Management Tools


By Salome Pachkoria, Anna Phillips and Jasmine Wang

Have your project and time management skills been undermined by the online transition? 

Welcome to the club!

We decided to introduce three great resources that might help boost your productivity and confidence and help you stay focused, at least until the end of this semester! (Seriously though, these tools might become your lifelong friends).   

  1. Process street: PM

Process street is an excellent checklist-based project management tool. . According to your own workflow, you can customize your own checklist items! Sounds good for automating your work process, right? It can be really efficient and improve your productivity. 

To get to know it, check out this short demo

To dig more into it and see how it can help to fulfill your own goal in the best way, take a look at this thorough review

Just to let you know, once you’ve signed up (for free!), the community managers of Process Street will follow up on you through emails to see how you are doing with their product, and will happily provide you a complete set of tutorials to help you onboard if you allow them! 

  1. Asana: PM/TM

Asana is another excellent tool that can help you manage different projects while also improving your time management. What makes this program stand out from other PM tools is that it’s super flexible – there are many ways you can tailor it to fit your needs, and integrate it into your daily life. If you have a ton of group projects, no sweat – it can keep track of things such as which person is responsible for each task, the information related to these tasks, and all other information related to its progress. 

No worries – the basic version and downloadable app are both free (though Asana works just as well online)

Intrigued? Here are two places to look for detailed information:

  • Their YouTube series, “How to Asana”
  • The Asana Guide includes articles on a variety of topics, including how to get started, team onboarding, and what they call “Aha moments” (different ways to integrate Asana into your favorite apps that will make you say AHA!)
  1. Toggl: TM

Toggl is a great time management tool that can be used by both individuals and by groups. It only takes one click to start a new time entry, and data is synced between different devices so you can start your time on your browser and stop it on your phone. Moreover, the app converts all the tracked numbers into reports so you have a good idea of just how long you spent watching Netflix compared to studying for a test. Tags and colors make for really nice data visualizations. Also, because Toggl is a simple and intuitive app, you will not be spending hours trying to learn how to use it. You can sign-up for the free basic plan here

And if you insist on watching a tutorial, we’ve got you covered 

P.S. If you want to check-out similar apps, here are some examples: