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Global Anti-Corruption Wins the 2014 TED Prize

With a free fifteen minutes and an interest in corruption, check out this TEDTalk by Chairman Gooch, co-founder of Global Witness, which campaigns “to stop elites getting away with looting entire states, from armed factions militarising the natural resource business, and for an end to the exploitation of our environment that is destroying lives, habitats and ecosystems.” In a discussion of global corruption, Gooch discusses the movement of corruption: it is not just the despots is countries on the other side of the world who are corrupt, but rather, corruption moves

Winner of the 2014 TED Prize, Gooch will receive $1 million toward her wish to create registries of all “true owners” of companies. In her vision, these registries would be run by governments and help to prevent company leaders, executives, and  managers from anonymously using their organizations against the good of the public. The prize money with “supercharge” and existing effort to reduce corporate secrecy, the Economist reports.