Surf’s Up

Time flies! It seems like just yesterday that I walked into the Resource Conservation District office and introduced myself to everyone. Now I only have about a week left here before I start my second and last year at MIIS. Regardless, I plan on keeping in contact with my awesome coworkers.


Birthday card from my coworkers. They already know  me so well.

When I’m not in the office I’m out having a good time in beautiful Santa Cruz. For my birthday last week one of my friends got me surfing lessons! I plan on spending some time in Cowell Beach to learn how to surf properly (currently I just splash around and stare at the sea otters).

Today’s weekly staff meeting was a ‘Surf Staff Meeting’ (only in Santa Cruz!) where some of my coworkers surfed in front of Jack O’Neill’s house in Pleasure Point while those of us who woke up too late to get out there watched from afar.


Jack O’Neill’s house

Hopefully I’ll have the proper surfing etiquette down soon so I can ride waves with all of the expert locals.