October, 2010:

Upcoming Workshops!

Exciting Workshops happening in the next month:

November 5th: Solar Crop Dryer Workshop (Sponsored by the Peace Corps Club) from 2-5. Professor Jonathan Berkey to lead a Solar Crop Drying Workshop for MIIS students (including some hands on construction of an actual solar crop dryer). Limited space, so please sign up: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jVla7JdoxbDswHPv0vHPNTxLjK08KDyqhKP6yXERoYA/edit?hl=en&pli=1#

November 7th: Rainwater Catchment Workshop (Sponsored by OGT) from 2-4pm. Roger Manley, who installed our Rainwater Catchment System, will be presenting on how the MIIS system works and the elements needed to build your own.

November 19th: Composting Workshop (Sponsored by OGT) from 2-4pm. Heidi Feldman, our very own OGT member, will teach us about successful composting and how to build our own bins.

Don’t miss out, put these great workshops on you ical!

Fall 2010 Newsletter

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In conjunction with the sustainability council, OGT is helping to offset MIIS’ carbon emissions.  A group of students and community members spent October 10, 2010 collecting acorns at Ft. Ord for a reforestation project.  MIIS and CSUMB will turn those little acorns into oak trees and within the year plant them at Ft. Ord.  Thank you to everyone who helped organize and participate in this event.

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