July, 2011:

OGT Mural!

Yes! It’s time to paint that OGT mural!

Where: The Garden
When: August 7th
Time: 10-1pm and/or 3pm-7pm

We will be in the garden painting all day on Sunday, with the exception of a 2 hour lunch break from 1 – 3pm.
Even if you don’t think you have any skills, please come help us get this thing painted next Sunday!
Please email us if you have any questions, and be sure to spread the news to any friends that might like a chance to get involved!

Email from July 17th

(Whoops! Forgot to post this to the blog!)

Fellow gardeners!

We have important things to update you on.



As some of you may have noticed, we have moved the compost collection area to the back of the garden. We are still sorting out the details of our new collection containers, but know that they’re on the way! So please don’t leave your compost in the front or put it directly into the stackable composters, containers are in the back!


Next agenda item regarding compost: We would like to invite you all to help us brainstorm a new compost system for the garden! Despite recent events, we are long over due to create a comprehensive composting system for the garden. The IEPers (especially) should want to showcase different functional composting methods in the garden!

On Tuesday July 19th and July 26th from 4-6pm in the garden, we will be hosting informal meetings for garden members to come and help us brainstorm. Feel free to stop by and chat about any other ideas you may have had as well!
If you can’t make it during those dates, feel free to either email us your ideas or email us to arrange a time to meet!

Now for other important updates regarding garden changes:

Remember that area along the fence that we cleared out a couple of weeks ago? Well the sunflowers have begun to grow!

We also have some GREAT NEWS!
In addition to Catherine Carlton bringing some gold raspberry plants to the garden a couple of weeks ago, a nice gentleman over the weekend donated BLUEBERRIES AND HERBS to the garden, check it out!


chocolate mint
pineapple sage

Blueberries & Raspberries:
(and maybe blackberries!)


We hope that you’re having a spectacular summer.

Happy weeding!

Tiffani and Lauren

Important Updates and Information

Fellow gardeners,

There is much to discuss.

We have been contacted multiple times this week by the administration regarding two important issues.

1. Composting
2. Dog poop

1. Composting is both a privilege and an important part of the garden here. As garden members, it’s your responsibility to know when your compost week is and follow through.
The compost schedule is posted online.

It has been a recent issue that there has been a severe fly infestation in the nearby classrooms and the administration has pinpointed the garden compost collection bins as the source of this problem. We know that composting can be gross and sometimes smelly, but as a garden community, we need to make sure that the compost does not disrupt other aspects of MIIS life (particularly class instruction). Be responsible and compost when it’s your turn. If you don’t know how, don’t be shy, we’ll help you! If you can’t make it your week, it is your responsibility to find someone to do it for you.

Also, please note that the collection bins have been moved to the back of the garden. They will remain there indefinitely.

2. If your dog poops in the garden, pick it up please. Plain and simple.
Also, if you see that an animal has defecated in the garden, please help us out by picking it up and throwing it out, if you can. Fecal matter can harbor disease, is a risk to food safety, and sucks when you step on it.

Next order of business: REMINDERS

1. Please weed and harvest your plots.
With the heavy administrative eyes on our garden currently, we need everyone’s plots to be in tip-top shape — especially, because next Friday is a campus visit day.

2. We’re getting rid of the collection of containers in the front of the garden. If you store your compost container there, you will have until 8:00am Thursday, July 14th to collect it. After that, it will be considered recycling.

3. Mural Update
We’ve only gotten one email thus far regarding the garden murals. If you’re interested in participating, in any way, shape, or form — whether that’s with ideas, moral support, or some elbow-grease, we’d love your help! At this point, we’re planning to do it tentatively the first weekend in August. Let us know!


For those of you not in Monterey this summer or those of you new to the garden, check out some of these photos that I snapped the other day!

We planted more succulents in front of the garden.

Remember where all those tall weeds were? We thought this might be a better use of that space!

Wish us luck on planting these raspberries! So far, the prospect is not looking too good for their survival….

As always, we wish you happy weeding and harvesting,

Lauren and Tiffani

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