September, 2011:

Meet Our Newest Garden Members!

Hey all,

We have a few updates for you, so please make sure to read this in full.

1) Work hours have been going well — we’re glad to see that so many people have planted! There’s a couple of you that still haven’t planted, so make sure to get a jump on that!

2) Calling all compost! As we mentioned in the first meeting, James and I are experimenting with different compost systems in the garden and will now be able to manage more food waste than ever! Please, please please bring your food waste to the garden (put it in the orange buckets!) and tell your friends! We want to test our limits…

3) Meet our newest garden members….. WORMS. We are going to host a vermiculture workshop for home and garden worm composting on October 6th from 12:30-1:30 (during the dead hour). So please mark your calendars. We’ll have more info on that next week.

But for now, check out our newest members!

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