From Shade to Mulch: Commemorating one trees service to the garden

As many of you know, the crazy wind storm that shook Monterey last Tuesday managed to knock over one of the large trees in our garden (!). Thankfully no person was hurt, and luckily very little property damage occurred (with the notable exception of a few succulents – may they rest in pieces!). Upon informing the Presidents office, we were promptly provided with wood-chipping services, and – less than 24 hours later – we had a giant pile of wood chips !

This worked out serendipitously, as we were in fact in need of mulch to combat weeds and redefine the paths between the plots. Thus on Sunday, about 15 garden members joined me in the garden to celebrate our dear trees passing and to put the resulting mulch to good use.


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  1. Making mulch is one of the many ways to make use of a fallen tree. If we don’t make mulch out of it, we usually sell it as firewood!

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