November, 2013:

“You Can’t Love a Statistic”

Fall moves on as we approach the winter season and start thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, friends and family.  As I was reading today in the magazine Orion today, Michael Pollan, the gardening and food guru paraphrases Wendell Berry in saying “you can’t love an abstraction.  You can’t love a statistic.  You can love the person near you, and your community, and your neighbors.”

As a community garden that seeks to bring love to the land and foster communication between each other, its so important that we recognize the simple and profound act of planting a seed, of encountering your friend by the fig tree, of noticing the bluebirds washing their feathers in the bird bath.  Thank you to all of you who put forth your time and labor to honor this tradition and be certain that your actions here create ripple effects for the MIIS community and the soil.

Thanks to Nina and Jenifer for coming out to compost on Sunday.  We have some compost ready to sift so if your bed needs a little organic refresher, this Sunday would be a good time to use some compost made right here.

Work this Week

1.  Native Plant Bed preparation and tree removal.  This week, we will be preparing the far side of the garden for the planting of natives and will remove the two pluot trees for planting in a different location.

2.  Seeding of experimental beds.  By the end of this week, the experimental beds should be seeded with some different lettuce varieties for your salads


On Friday November 8th at 10 AM, we will be going to the Native Plant Greenhouse at the CSUMB campus to learn more about native plants and how we can incorporate more of them in our garden.  If you are interested in going, this will be a fun way to gain hands on knowledge about local native plant species to our area.  We can all carpool to CSUMB so let us know if youre interested.

Also on Friday November 8 from 7-9 PM in the garden there will be a fundraiser for a Guatemalan group called “Transitions” hosted by the IPS program.

Thanks for reading and have a great week!
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