Interviewing the Stakeholders for Sea Level Rise Planning

After many hours of planning, writing, editing, scheduling, and emailing (not to mention an endless amount of Zoom calls), I have finally wrapped up interviewing key stakeholder groups involved in sea level rise planning and mitigation within the Humboldt Bay region. Our final interview was a conversation with representatives of the grant funder for our […]

Communicate the wins!

We are halfway done! My internship with WWF started with a project in participatory processes in Peruvian fisheries and continued with work on the communications team. With the help of other team members on the communications team, I interviewed partners at various Fishery In Progress projects around the world to discuss their wins! This was […]

Preparing to Teach Hyflex Classes

What Do We Need to Know About Hyflex? Hyflex is a specific approach, but has become almost a catch-all phrase for all approaches that have some combination of in-person and online teaching. The term Hyflex connotes hybridity (a mixture of in-person and…


We at DLINQ are sometimes asked about options and best practices for electronically sharing grades with students. While a range of options exist in the digital ecosphere, it’s important to keep data privacy and security in mind, including FERPA rules, …

High Seas Storytelling

My fellowship with Coral Reefs of the High Seas reached an important milestone yesterday, we officially submitted our paper to the journal Marine Policy! The paper focused on the many cultural and maritime uses of the Salas y Gomez and Nazca Ridges between coastal Chile and Rapa Nui to provide further evidence that this area […]

Fisheries Research in Utila

It’s been an action-packed month since my last post. I’ve been on more lionfish hunts, finished reviewing surveys for a fisheries research project with my colleague, and I’m 2 days shy of completing my divemaster certification! I’ve also developed a deeper understanding of the Whale Shark and Oceanic Research Center (WSORC) and how some of […]

A National Campaign

The work I’ve been doing with the Inland Ocean Coalition has had a national perspective from the moment we began developing their Watershed Health Program. My recent move from Louisiana to California and a roll call of committee members from Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and other states truly reflects the IOC’s emphasis on nationwide […]

Marine Biotech, Tuna Fishing, and Turbines

Well it has certainly been a busy month in the worlds of marine bioprospecting, tuna management, and offshore wind development! I find myself working near constantly, but being able to work on such cutting edge policy topics makes it all absolutely worth it. For my work with the World Wildlife Fund, I’ve embarked on a […]

Moving along

The summer has quickly come and gone, and soon with it concludes my time with the EDF Oceans Program. There are several projects I am still working on and until then I look forward to those last weeks of putting together my final touches.  From my previous post I shared three ongoing projects I got […]

6 Weeks In…

I can’t believe I’m over halfway done with my fellowship with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate Resiliency. It feels like just yesterday I was anxious about figuring out how to sign into my email and get everything set up. The past few weeks have gone by so quickly, but they’ve been incredibly busy too. […]

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