Diving deep into the challenges and opportunities between offshore wind energy and commercial fisheries (from a boat)

Climate change is arguably the greatest obstacle facing fisheries in the United States. We’ve seen this through the spike in whale entanglements in California Dungeness crab gear from 2015-2017 when a climate-related warm water event — known as “the Blob” — pushed whale migration patterns and commercial crabbers into the same waters at the same […]

Showcasing Student Work Online

Have you received exemplary student work that you wished to share beyond your classroom? Do you want your students to create projects for public audiences? Showcasing student work online has become a popular option to demonstrate the types of learning …

Regional Sea Level Rise Feasibility Study in Humboldt County, California

For my summer fellowship, I will be implementing an outreach program for stakeholders of sea level rise in the Humboldt Bay region. Humboldt Bay has the highest rate of relative sea level rise on the West Coast of the United States. Humboldt County Planning and Building Department has therefore found itself on the front lines […]


Monday we set out to call on some family. We’re staying just down the road from the village of Gros Islet where Jacqui grew up. The name of the village makes no sense apparently: gros means large, and islet means small island. We can walk there from ou…

NFIP Outreach + Engagement Research at the NYC MOCR

I’m entering my third week of my fellowship with the NYC Mayor’s Office of Climate Resiliency and I have to say I am loving it! I’ve already learned so much about working in local governments and my knowledge of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program has grown exponentially since being here. I’m working with the Land […]

Latin America Ocean Observing Systems Researcher at EDF

Humboldt Current System-SAPO Part I. Tuesday, June 15, 2021 In their commitment to improve livelihoods and safeguard the oceans, the work of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Oceans Program reflected my values and professional motivations. My summer internship officially started with EDF on June 8th and I am excited to be working with such a […]

Sa ka fete?

Sa ka fete (which keeps trying to autocorrect to fête) is the ‘What’s up?’ of greetings here in Saint Lucia, and I love it because it sounds like you’re asking everyone if they’re having a party (which is fair here on an island where it seems like each…

Language in the Digital Sphere

by Vera Rousseff, DLINQ Intern My personal inquiry, Language in the Digital Sphere, explores how language shapes our experience of the digital world. Like many other members of the Middlebury community, I operate in multiple languages on a daily basis…

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