Growing into Our Roles as Digital Citizens

by Sanjana Roy, DLINQ Intern My experience of creating an identity on the web started out with my first Yahoo email account at the age of 9. I was gifted a shiny, pink iPod shuffle on my 10th birthday, my first personal relationship in what was to beco…

Science as a Form of Storytelling

by Jiaqi Li, DLINQ Intern, Computer Science & Geology Joint Major (This is a collaborative personal storytelling project between DLINQ Intern Cyborg project and an assignment for Writing on Contemporary Issues (fall 2020)) In computer science, an o…

Internship Wrap Up

Last week my internship with NOAA officially ended. It feels like if flew by in a matter of weeks not months. What did you accomplish with your host organization? What was the impact of your work? By the end of my internship, I wrote an extensive research paper containing the following: a comprehensive literature review […]

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