Oceane Ringuette: Climate Change Team

Ocean Protection CouncilSacramento, California, U.S.AJune 1-July 31, 2020 Over the course of the 9-week summer internship, Oceane will work with the California Ocean Protection Council’s Climate Change Team to help meet the discussed climate change targets and actions explicitly identified in Goal One of the Strategic Plan to Protect California’s Coast and Ocean: COPC Strategic […]

Elizabeth Francis: Analyzing Blue Carbon

National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationGreater Farallones National Marine SanctuarySan Francisco, California, U.S.A.June 1 – August 21, 2020 Elizabeth will be working with the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary to analyze potential sources of blue carbon storage with a case study conducted on the Bolinas Lagoon. She will then analyze and asses the results of her […]

Language Teaching in Zoom

Note: This article will be most helpful if you have already familiarized yourself with Zoom via our Using Zoom workshop materials. In this article: Zoom Etiquette | Norms of Communication | Icebreakers | Breakout Rooms | Listening Activities | Showing …

Continuity with Care

We know that these are challenging and stressful times. All of us need care and time to reflect on how we will take care of ourselves and the ones we love. As you begin to think about moving your course into a remote format, we encourage you to be kind…

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