Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do you have to speak Spanish to attend?

A: While we encourage an intermediary level of Spanish, everyone is welcome to attend. There will be some on-site interpretation available.

Q: Can I get credit for LS course work if I sign up for this class?

A: Absolutely!  It will be cross listed in SPAN and EAPP, so if your LOS is Spanish or English, you can apply these credits toward your requirements. 

Q: Can the final deliverable be part of the LSPP?

A: Yes!  The final deliverable will meet the LSPP requirements.

Q: How do you get the full 4 credits? 

A: To satisfy the full 4 credits, you must participate in the pre-departure module/ orientation, the J-term immersive experience in Costa Rica, and the final showcase during the spring of 2023.  

Q: What if I can only do the 2-credit course, how is that different? 

A: We expect all participants to review the pre-departure module, attend the in-person J-term in Costa Rica and produce a final deliverable. There will be a shorter deliverable for 2 credits and a more robust deliverable to receive 4 credits.

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