Grist blogger David Roberts on the “Politics and Policy of Climate Change”

David Roberts is one of the nation’s leading environmental authors, and a staff writer for Grist. He spoke on the Politics and Policy of Climate Change as part of the Spring 2012 Sustainability Speaker Series.

In his first powerpoint ever, Roberts presents 12 points of basic information on climate change are simultaneously hilarious and heart rending. His scientifically accurate yet culturally accessible exploration of the science and politics around anthropogenic climate change is a must-watch.

Roberts tells the audience that as a mere blogger he can speak openly when scientists won’t tread for fear of being labeled alarmist or self-serving. His frank overview of current climate change science, in conjunction with the political atmosphere regarding mitigation, leaves the viewer with little doubt that “2°C is in the rearview mirror” in terms of an end to global temperature rise. Yet little climate modeling has been done for warming beyond that 2°C – possibly because scientists couldn’t believe humans would continue emitting green house gases after the science was conclusive? Roberts explores the sociological phenomena shaping America’s attitude towards climate change with conviction and humor.

– Recorded Wednesday, April 4, 2012.

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