Podcast workshop

Podcast Workshop (Landscape)



Calling all Serial fanatics, radio lovers, communicators and educators who are curious about podcasting.

The DLC, MIIS Radio, and special guest Vice President (and podcasting extraordinaire) Jeff Dayton-Johnson are hosting an interactive workshop on podcasting for students and faculty.

Come to the DLC’s Learning Lab (above the D-Space) on Tuesday March 1st from 12-1pm to learn about creating quality podcasts and start making your own.

Kent Glenzer’s best 47 songs of 2015


Kent Glenzer, Professor and Dean of the Graduate School of International Policy and Management (GSIPM) has created a list of his top 47 songs of 2015. This playlist contains a very variety of music genres, artists range from Jamie XX and Griz to Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples. I experienced that moment when  you realize your professor is woke and they have great taste in music. What does “woke” mean? According to Urban Dictionary it means being aware, specifically knowing whats going on in the community relating to racism and social injustice.  I really enjoyed listening to this mix and recommend that everyone who enjoys music check it out! This is a great playlist to listen to while you’re getting ready or doing some dense reading.

Hope everyone has a happy Hump Day!

Weirdly Worldly: Three TESOL students nerding out over language and culture

Weirdly Worldly is a podcast and long-form conversation. 20151201_175552

We are three TESOL students who frequently find ourselves discussing world events and happenings. Since our lives revolve around language while at school, it only makes sense to discuss accents in our first episode.

The most recent claim on the origins of the Australian accent says that drunken settlers are to blame. As language students, we dissect the validity of this argument and bring to light some other ideas.


2015 Summer Peacebuliding Program with Professor Iyer and the Center for Conflict Studies

Over the summer of 2015, I participated in the first annual Summer Peacebuilding Program on the campus of the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, hosted by Professor Pushpa Iyer and the Center for Conflict Studies. DSC_0022

Spending part of the time on the MIIS campus and part of the time at the Mount Madonna Center in Watsonville, CA, our group of almost 20 students from all over the world took a deep dive into many concepts incorporated in peacebuilding. I took a moment to interview 4 of the students from the program, asking them to discuss some of the personal transformations they experienced over those 3-weeks.

Take 15 minutes to hear the insightful things they went through.

For more information about the 2016 Summer Peacebuilding Program and the Center for Conflict Studies, visit http://www.miis.edu/academics/researchcenters/conflict-studies

Thank you to Professor Iyer for a great program.

Live from the first Social Hour!

MIIS Radio is back! Live from the first Social Hour: summer reflections, first week surprises, and hopes for the upcoming year

​ThisSocial Hour 8.28 installment of MIIS Radio features voices from the first MIIS social event of the year, the Student Services Social Hour. In the cool 80-degree Monterey evening, students mingled on the Samson Patio, sipping beverages served by the ever-enthusiastic members of Student Council, telling stories, and enjoying a break after a long first week. Whether a new or returning student, everyone agreed that the first week had its store of stress, stimulation, and surprises. Corinne Smith reports live from the event.

Special thanks to contributors Emma Tonge, Yuki Goto, Emily Summerlin, Lynn Rampe, Lucy Jobe, Amanda Liles, Ayako Yamada, Briun Greene, and David Richards.

Featuring “La Paix” by Amadou and Mariam, off their 2004 album Dimanche Á Bamako.

Internships Abroad: How to achieve success working outside of the U.S.

Slide1In this podcast, we shed light on how to be a successful intern in Latin America. Luisa Lema, the Public Policy Coordinator for the Colombian NGO Fondo Acción, answers the important questions that each MIIS student looking to work and live abroad wants to know. From resumes to housing, we cover all the essential information and Luisa’s candid responses really provide listeners with valuable information that is applicable to working in Latin America and other parts of the world! So get your listen on and provide us with your feedback.

Thank you to the CACS office for assisting with this podcast.

For more information on Fondo Acción, see the link below or contact Danny Pavitt: dpavitt@miis.edu




Professor Alfredo Ortiz

IMG_5533Join us in welcoming visiting professor Alfredo Ortiz to MIIS Radio! We managed to squeeze in some time with Alfredo to hear about who he is outside of MIIS and some of his thoughts on how our experiences create our identities and help us to better understand the world. Additionally, we included his opinions of English accents, pour-overs, and the Rich Picture for YOUR listening entertainment.

If you didn’t get your Alfredo-fix here, don’t forget to visit the MIIS Happening YouTube channel to see his entry titled,  “What gets lost when Alfredo becomes Al-fray-do?”



Anita Nikki Krishnan Student Profile!

Back with a Bang!

The infamous Anita “Nikki” K11156212_10103840826834039_2753316407269619979_nrishnan agreed to be the first student profile interviewee for the MIIS Radio club this Spring semester. Whether you have class with her or you have seen her perform at one of the many on-campus events, I think we can agree that Anita’s presence at MIIS is felt though a range of departments and activities. So listen now and get to know a side of her that you don’t know yet (if at all!)… Please Please Please leave any comments below.


Welcome back to MIIS Radio!


The fall semester is underway and we at the DLC are proud and excited to welcome you back with reinvigorated spirit. For returning students, the DLC has undergone some interesting new changes, and for new students, the DLC welcomes you into the family. Our work is housed at the intersections of education and technology, so if you find that you need help with your content, competency, or presentation we can provide you free consultation services.

To keep the words brief and the speech flowing, please click on the link to be (re)introduced to some key communication tools, resources, and event updates.

This year MIIS Radio will become an official student led organization, so come check out our booth on Thursday from 12-2 in the Samson Center!

We want to hear your voice. And we want you to be heard. Let’s make it happen together!