Pro Bytes: Peter Shaw


When I first heard Peter Shaw’s name come up in conversation I knew that he would be an interesting character to engage with, but I had no idea that I would eventually have the pleasure of interviewing the Professor of Pedagogical Magic himself for the institute radio station. Jeff Dayton-Johnson and I happened to be talking about where and how he decided to use podcasting to “flip” his classrooms when Peter came up. I remembered him saying that it was Peter who had designed so many the innovative and collaborative techniques employed across campus. So, considering the medium of podcasting for MIIS Radio it was only logical that Peter be the ideal pilot interview for its revival.

The following 10 minute segment is comprised of a series of highlights from our conversation spanning from community service learning projects, to language learning, to podcasting, to trekking across the Sahara “Mad Max/A-Team” style. I could tell you all about in writing but then what would be the point of the audio! Simply click the link below to listen in.


Elephants Can Dance: an Assessment of India’s Economic Performance and Potential

President Ramaswamy delighted MIIS students with his talk entitled Elephants Can Dance: an Assessment of India’s Economic Performance and Potential. The President gave the talk on the Monterey Institute of International Studies campus on Thursday, May 3 during the Emerging Markets Colloquium.

President Ramaswamy is widely recognized for his scholarly and professional work in international and development economics, particularly in India and Africa. He has written and edited books, authored articles for a variety of scholarly journals focused on development and international economics, delivered presentations at international conferences on four continents, and been quoted in local, national, and international media.

Photo an biography from MIIS Website.