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Stopping Insanity: The ‘War on Drugs’ as a Fetishization of the Use of Force

by William Arrocha In September 2009 23 recovering drug addicts, ages 15 to 25, were gathered at El Aliviane (meaning “the remedy”) rehabilitation center in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The gathering was part of what they called “holding their daily court,” in which they would talk about their tribulations as drug addicts in a society immersed read more »

The Role of the Military in Reconstruction: Examining Expeditionary Economics and Provisional Reconstruction Teams

by Jomana Amara A new term has entered the economic reconstruction lexicon: “expeditionary economics.” While there is some disagreement over the exact meaning of the term and the objectives of the concept, a consensus definition could be summarized as the use of military personnel to rebuild the economy in post-conflict and post-disaster nations in situations read more »

Interpreters in Conflict Resolution

by Kayoko Takeda I am not an expert on conflict resolution. As an interpreter and interpreting researcher, however, I am keenly aware of the indispensable role that interpreters play in resolving conflicts between parties who do not share a common language, or in interlingual communication between the third-party mediator and the parties concerned. It is read more »

Cover Photo: Cars Rapides

by Edgard Coly Cars Rapides are an institution in Senegal. One can encounter this type of bus especially in the capital, Dakar, as well as other northern and central cities; but those traveling the streets of Dakar are the subject of this article. These oversized vehicles are between an autobus and a van, carrying about read more »

Picks of the Quarter

The conflicts that gain the most attention and media coverage tend to be those that are most sensational and violent. But there are many other conflicts we do not hear about, and those living through them must struggle to make their voices heard. This column seeks to bring attention to serious events, issues, and conflicts read more »

Volume 2, Issue 3 – July 2012

Table of Contents From the Editor’s Desk – Kyrstie Lane, Managing Editor Pedagogy of Conflict: Social Justice – Pushpa Iyer, Director The Life of a Gun: Transforming Tools for Killing into Tools for Peacekeeping in Mozambique’s TAE Project – Amy Schwartzott Partners in Crime: Land Acquisition by POSCO and the Pliant State – Girish Agrawal read more »

Picks of the Quarter

by Emily McLaughlin Bahrain Bahrain has been lost amongst the stories of Syria, Egypt, Libya and other more dramatic conflicts in the Middle East. Numerous Bahrainis have been detained as prisoners of conscience, solely because they have been protesting the power of the Sunni dynasty. One of the major human rights activists in Bahrain, Abdulhadi read more »

Cover Story: Lessons Learned on Two Wheels

by Laura Burian As a teacher, I like to think that a lot of important learning takes place in the classroom. However, when I reflect on my own education, I find that many of my most powerful learning experiences have taken place outside of the classroom setting. During my junior year of college at Duke read more »

Corporate Social Responsibility: From Conflict Resolution to Conflict Anticipation

by Bruce Paton We cannot tell yet, but the recent controversies over Apple’s supply chain in China may represent the last great corporate social responsibility (CSR) conflict of the 20th century or the icon of a new 21st century way of rethinking CSR. The choice belongs to Apple’s senior management team, and they have not read more »

Partners in Crime: Land Acquisition by POSCO and the Pliant State

by Girish Agrawal and Anu Mandavilli Control over natural resources has been a major source of conflict in human history. The increasing demand for exploitation of natural resources, particularly mineral resources, has become the leading driver of conflicts, often violent, in much of the global south. It is estimated that a quarter of all armed read more »