Flowers and green

Back in Yangon for  a few days now. Some dry in amongst the rain. The streets are familiar and I feel very relaxed here. I love the bright coloured umbrellas, and all the monks walking in their crimson robes. It is a very beautiful environment.


Yesterday we met with more NGO’s.

Each time we find them it is a source of triumph as sometimes the premises are tucked away and hard to find. Maybe we will add sleuthing to our CV’s??


Yangon is an urban story about water…So there are many more stories to gather… Our visa situation is tight and only gives us 28 days. I have found a very cheap ticket to Singapore and will make the most of the opportunity. I leave  later tonight and will see if I can reapply for another visa.  Hmmm- not sure if it is wise. I guess time will tell. I lose a few days in the field but fingers crossed that it is successful. Namsai is resting and gaining her strength  after being sick for some weeks now.

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