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Jalisco, I love you

Nature is life and water is life. That can perfectly summarize our trip to Jalisco this past week. It was a long journey by bus, but it was worth it. Within this trip I have seen myself as a real researcher and listening to all the stories individuals told us made me feel for the first time in my life like a peacebuilder, a real and a helpful peacebuilder.



Our journey started with a 7 hour bus travel from DF to Guadalajara. We spent our first 3 days in El Salto, gathering a hard water conflict story involving threats, health problems and water pollution in River Santiago.


Then We spent a day in Guadalajara talking to people from Temacapulin, wich is a small village where government and companies want to build a huge water dam, which in fact would destroy their homes and community because the village is located exactly where the dam is thought to be built.


Early in the morning, we took another bus to get to Villaguerrero, Jessica’s father’s and family’s hometown. I really fell in love with this village. In fact, I have one new dream in my life: I am going to safe 150,000 euro, buy a 3000 square metres Rancho, a house and a horse in Villaguerrero. hehehe. All of you will be welcome to try tequila and walk through the magnificient lands and mountains surrounding the area. When we walk through the Rancho I could not avoid thinking of Amy and the stories she had told me about Colorado, she would have loved this place, I wished she had come with us.


This picture I took in the Rancho perfectly illustrates my feelings of peace and happiness there:


Love the nature, love the food, love the people, love the place... What else do I need?

Love the nature, love the food, love the people, love the place… What else do I need?


Jessica and I will be writing more details about our experience in Jalisco. I can say it has been an amazing trip, which has given me a new way of understanding people and a different view from the world surrounding us.

Jalisco, I love you and I promise I will come back.


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