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Rainy days in Distrito Federal

Climate is crazy almost everywhere and in Mexico City it will not be less than in other places.

We can feel 3 different seasons during a day: it is cold early in the morning, high temperatures and humidity when it gets to midday and almost every nightfall it rains.

There are some particularĀ  farmers in the Basque Country, who know a lot about climate change. I remmeber watching a documentary about their weather forcast when I was a child and I won’t never forget what they were explaining: “If the clouds are pretty bad, it means that something bad is coming. Its appearance is directly related to the climate that can change at any time”.

I was able to check that fact the other day when I went to take out the trash.

Thunder is heard, the clouds are pretty bad, it starts to get windy and temperatures drop.

You have to be careful when walking through the streets when heavy rain is coming, the traffic goes mad (normally it is crazy, so imagine if it is rainning) :

This is the road next to my home here in DF. My roommates and I were trying to cross the street after buying some pizzas in OXXO.

It was even worst at night. Electric storms joined the heavy rain:

What I usually do is to check the weather on theĀ  Internet in a website that tells you what is going to be the weather like hour by hour. However, I recently experienced it is not trustworthy.

Last week I left my umbrella at home and this was the result when I came back:


Lesson learned: bring always the umbrella in your bag, no matter if you know it is not going to rain that day, weather can suddenly change.


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