Hobbies and Interests

 Passion for Music

Playing Okinawan Shamisen

Playing Okinawan Shamisen


While my primary instruments are the tin whistle, my voice, marimba, and piano, I can also pick out a tune on the acoustic guitar, dulcimer, and banjo.

I love to try new and interesting instruments wherever I go. Some of the tradition instruments I tried in Japan were the Okinawan Sanshin, the koto (like a large dulcimer) , taiko (Japanese drums), shakuhachi (Japanese flute), and ocarina.




I have been practicing photography since 2002, starting with a 35mm 1980’s Pentax camera. Now I use a DSLR Canon EOS 20D.

I like taking pictures of interesting people and places. I try to capture images how my eyes see things so that the final product is easy and enjoyable to view. It also is a great way to share my experiences with my family and friends that are far away.

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Misc. Hobbies and Interests

  • How environment and geography affects culture.
  • The McGurk effect.
  • Japanese Language
  • How supperssed cultures find outlets of expression
  • World history
  • Archaeology
  • Anthropology
  • British Comedy
  • Table top gaming
  • Cryptozoology