Theater Projects

Through Her EyesThrough Her Eyes

A retelling of true domestic violence stories to raise money for the local shelter.

As part of a service learning project through theater, as a class we collaborated to make a performance to raise money to help victims of domestic violence. We interviewed women who were at that time, staying at a local women’s shelter. We used their stories to write a short series of performances addressing all the different kinds of abuse and the impact it has. After the project was completed, we had a march to the theater where we performed for the community and the campus. All funds were donated directly to the local women’s shelter.


Life is a Dream:A Berea College production, Fall 2008

Taking notes and feeding lines

Taking notes and feeding lines

I was stage manager for the show Life is a Dream, a Spanish golden age drama. This was a non-academic voluntary position. I worked with the director during rehearsals and took comprehensive notes for every actor.

I was also responsible for weapons safety and maintenance of the seven swords and two musket pistols used on set. This involved taking the pommels apart and cleaning the swords to prevent rust and then locking the weapons in a secure location. I kept the key to the weapons cabinet on my person for the duration of rehearsals and the show.

During the show, a stage manager’s most important job is calling lighting cues based on the lighting designer’s specifications. As stage manager, I was in charge of props, two assistant stage managers, stage hands, lighting and sound board operators, calling actors to standby, and keeping the show on schedule every night.

Life is a Dream, 2008

Life is a Dream, 2008

Working on this show was a great management experience. We had a very diverse cast and crew that I worked with to produce an amazing show for the campus and local community. This experience in theater helped me realize how much I like management and collaboration. In addition to being the stage manager, I worked part time as a technician for Berea College theater, building, painting, and lighting the set.


West Side Story: A Berea College Musical, Spring 2008


I was the assistant stage manager for Berea College’s musical production of West Side Story. This was a huge undertaking and collaboration effort between the Music and Theater departments.

My responsibilities included managing 10 second set changes in total darkness, seeing to all the needs of the stage manager, fixing small problems, and running the lighting board during shows.