May 15 2013

Overview of Project

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My fellowship from the CBE will be working with Save the Waves and based in Peru and Chile. I will be working on an economic valuation study of the surf spots in these areas. The study in Peru will be based in Huanchaco, a newly approved world surfing reserve. This site boats some pretty amazing waves as well as being one of the first pioneers of surfing. The Caballitos de Totora are reputed to be the first surfing crafts, used by artisanal fishermen for hundreds of years. The project in Chile is in its earlier phase, and will be based in Pichilemu. Pichilemu is a popular surf area in Chile, visited by both local and international surfers.

I will be at each site for approximately a month, gathering data and establishing contacts. The ultimate purpose of the research project is to complete the establishment of Huanchaco as a world surfing reserve and to explore the possibility of Pichilemu as a future world surfing reserve.318                                                  Waves at Huachaco, Peru


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