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Mar 08 2014

EcoFarm Conference 2014

This January I had the opportunity to attend the EcoFarm Conference in Asilomar, CA.  The conference is a 3 day event which brings together various stakeholders involved in the food system industry for a series of seminars, workshops and talks . The 2014 year marked the 34th annual EcoFarm conference.

My interest in the conference was due to the wide variety of speakers and workshops available for the attendees. My particular area of interest was those topics that touched into watershed management and drought adaptation. There was a particularly interesting topics presented by Jacob Katz on his work with CalTrout. Jacob’s work deals with a private- public partnership where rice farmers provide winter habitat for salmon. This project, dubbed, the “Nigiri Project” (after the sushi form of placing a slice of fish on top of a base of rice) is a chance to replenish the salmon populations of the YOLO Bypass.

The EcoFarm conference is a great opportunity for students in various disciplines to attend. Furthermore, they offer various ways to reduce the cost of attending the conference. They offer a selection of work trade, scholarships and fellowships to qualified individuals. You can find more information on the conference with the attached link.

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