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星期四(7/3)从一点到三点半,在Digital Learning Commons (DLC)我们要举办背诗和写书法的活动。


另外,很多同学都参加了上个星期的卡拉OK比赛,你可以把照片放到Google drive和大家分享。


Dear students,

We will have a poem recital and calligraphy practice activity this Thursday 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM

The location is the Digital Learning Commons (DLC, behind #20 on the campus map)

We will recite the poems you chose first. The rest of the time, you will have the chance to take the Chinese brush and write Chinese characters.

Also, many of you participated in the karaoke events last week and I created a folder on Dropbox for you to upload the photos you took to share with your classmates.