About Your Tutor

林庭安(Ting-An Lin)

大家好! 我是庭安,本科就读于台湾大学,主修外国语文学系,现在于蒙特雷攻读英语教学硕士。我来自台湾,喜欢做菜做甜点打果汁,但最喜欢喝珍珠奶茶。平时运动慢跑,十月要到旧金山参加半程马拉松,欢迎大家与我一同练跑!


Hello! My name is Ting-An. I am the tutor/ activity guide for SILP Chinese 2014. I graduated from National Taiwan University, majoring in Foreign Languages and Literature. Now I am entering my second semester pursuing MATESOL degree here at the Monterey Institute. My hometown is Hsinchu, Taiwan. I like to cook, bake and make juice. My favorite drink is the bubble tea. I usually jog along the beach when I have free time. This October, I will participate the half-marathon held in San Francisco.

This summer, I will help you with making progress in learning Chinese in addition to your in-class courses with the professors. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful summer time in Monterey with your classmates and me apart from Chinese learning.