About the Author

New Year in Seoul Karen Wong, MAIEM ’13

Karen’s interest in the South Korea education system developed overtime while she was teaching aboard in Daejeon, South Korea. During her two years teaching in Korea, she taught English at Chungdahm Learning Institute to students from ages 8 to 16. Her passion for international education management was also realized during her abroad experience. Upon returning to the US in June 2011, Karen decided to pursue her MA in TESOL at the Monterey Institute. After completing her first semester in TESOL, she decided to switch to International Education Management (IEM) to learn more about the administrative side of international education.

During her time at the Monterey Institute, she was the co-president of B.U.I.L.D. (a student-led organization that offers free language classes), taught Cantonese for B.U.I.L.D., served as a student member on the Intercultural Communications steering committee with Monterey Institute professors, served as an IEM representative on the school student council, and was the co-chair for organizing Celebrating Foreign Langauge Education: A Monterey Bay Symposium.