THIS professional portfolio shows the knowledge and skills I learned during the Translation Management Systems (TMS) class at MIIS. In TMS class, we navigate through the widely used TMS SDL WorldServer and accomplished a project with it. We also intensively discussed the how to choose, implement and integrate a TMS for a company.  This portfolio includes a SOW for the WorldServer project, project deliverables and the presentation slides on lessons learned. It also includes three professional blog posts on TMS selection suggestions.

1. WorldServer Project

We worked in a group of five and did a mock-up project using WorldServer. Our client this time is the Beijing Office of NewYork Times, asking us to translate a word document from their website into Simplified Chinese.

Please find our SOW here:RainbowCat_SOWforTMS

Project deliverables, including:

  • Source files
  • Pseudo-translation files
  • Target files
  • Translation memory and term base

Can be downloaded here:

A presentation on lessons learned during the project can be found here: TMS Group Pre

2. Professional Blog Posts.

During the semester, I wrote three blog posts on TMS selection and evaluation. Please find the links down here:

What Do You Want From a TMS Other Than Boosting Efficiency

Choosing a Proper TMS for Your Company: 4 Important Questions to Ask