THIS professional portfolio shows the knowledge and skills I learned during the Translation Management Systems (TMS) class at MIIS. In TMS class, we navigate through the widely used TMS SDL WorldServer and accomplished a project with it. We also intensively discussed the how to choose, implement and integrate a TMS for a company.  This portfolio includes a SOW for the WorldServer project, project deliverables and the presentation slides on lessons learned. It also includes three professional blog posts on TMS selection suggestions.

1.WorldServer Project

We worked in a group of five and did a mock-up project using WorldServer. Our client this time is the Beijing Office of NewYork Times, asking us to translate a word document from their website into Simplified Chinese.

Please find our SOW here:RainbowCat_SOWforTMS

Project deliverables, including:

  • Source files
  • Pseudo-translation files
  • Target files
  • Translation memory and term base

Can be downloaded here:

A presentation on lessons learned during the project can be found here: TMS Group Pre

2. Professional Blog Posts.

During the semester, I wrote three blog posts on TMS selection and evaluation. Please find the links down here:

What Do You Want From a TMS Other Than Boosting Efficiency

Choosing a Proper TMS for Your Company: 4 Important Questions to Ask

Case Study: TMS Recommendation for the LDS Church