Current Staff Advisory Team Members

SAT members are here to help make Middlebury a better place to work. We rely on your thoughts, comments, and participation to help make this happen. Please email, phone, or meet with us anytime! We would love to hear from you.

SAT brings together staff governance roles into one team. The team includes the following seven roles: 3 volunteer SAT members, 2 elected Staff Council Representatives (one in observer status), the Staff Constituent to the Board of Overseers, and the Assistant Director for Special Programs.  

Molly Laughlin

Term: Serving from 2020-2022

MIIS Title: Advancement Operations and Stewardship Officer


Lydia Gentry

Term: Serving from 2020-2022

MIIS Title: Borrowing Services Manager


Carolyn Taylor Meyer

Term: Serving from 2018-2020

MIIS Title: Director of Immersive Professional Learning 


Scott Web

Term: Serving from 2019-2021.

MIIS Title: Career and Academic Advisor


Melissa Sorenson

Term: Ex officio Member

MIIS Title: Assistant Director for Special Programs 


Bob Cole

Term: MIIS Staff Council Representative 2019-2020

MIIS Title: Director of Exploratory Initiatives and Partnerships


Grace O’Dell

Term: MIIS Staff Council Observer 2019-2020

MIIS Title: Career and Academic Advisor: Education Management and Joint Public Administration/Education Management


Justin Hitt

Term: MIIS Staff Council Observer 2020-2021

MIIS Title: Media Manager


Ashley Fera Arrocha

Term: Staff Constituent to the Institute Board of Overseers (IBO) 2019-2021

MIIS Title: Associate Dean of Student Services & Alternate Human Relations Officer


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