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Student Council Nominations are OPEN!

JustRunforStuCoIt’s time for YOU to select the nominees for Student Council 2013-2014. This year things are happening a little bit differently. Changes were made to the Student Body Constitution creating two new Executive Positions:Community Relations Coordinator and Communications Director. We think it will be really exciting and help us help you!

Unlike in past years, 2nd Year Program Representatives will not be elected until the Fall, just in case if you decide to change programs over the summer, or something like that.

Nominations will be open until 5pm on Monday, April 15th. Nominees will have 24 hours to decide if they wish to run.
Voting will be open from 9am Wednesday April 17th until 5pm Friday April 19th.

The winners will be announced at the International Bazaar on Saturday April 20th at 2pm, and subsequently via e-mail. If you have any questions, you can contact your Student Council President, Britney Wehrfritz, at bwehrfritz@miis.edu.

NOMINATE NOW! At go.miis.edu/nominate
In the spirit of transparency, you can follow the results of nominations here!



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