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A Day in the Life. . .

DSC_0027. . . of Jiahui Lu.

I am a Conference Interpretation 2nd year student, here is how my day goes:

It’s Thursday. I came to Samson early and say “hi” to students. Sometimes only a few students are around this early, all T&I or CI, to start a brand new day with their backbreaking and brain-frying assignments. I put on my oversize earphones and start interpreting a conference from Brookings Institute on the Nobel Peace Prize for EU. After lots of mental toils on the fascinating speeches given by experts, I was reminded that it was time to take the Simultaneous Interpretation into English. The topic today was on industrial policy and its relations with endowment of factors of production. Sweet… wait…it turned out to be way more technical than I thought…Oh did I forget to mention lunch? It’s fine because it hardly took any time. So I am now sitting here writing about my day. Oh, an email just came…Oh! there is a meeting at Irvine on “The US, Iran and the Threat to Peace” from 7:30. Gotta get prepared!

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