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A Day in the Life….


Ryota with fellow MIIS student Debo Weinheimer

I’m Ryota Akiba from Japan and currently studying Nonproliferation and Terrorism. My day starts with an earl gray tea at a café in downtown. It is just a tea, but it makes me feel a little better to prepare for the day. Around 10am, my classes start: Science, Nonproliferation policy in Asia region, Homeland Security, and English. It depends on the day, because these subjects are really heavy, but studying in the morning can be really hard.

When the homework is over, now it’s time for real work! I belong to two different departments during the semester and I’ve learned quite a lot from them beyond my school work. My duties require internet based searching, so I have to look at screen for more than 2-4 hours in a day… I suppose I am okay with this because I really love to play video games and I used to play more than 6 hours a day in the past.

The last thing I do at the end of the day is grab a drink at the same café where I have the tea in the morning. My work finishes at 6pm, just in time for happy hour. How could I ever miss such a great opportunity?! That is how my day goes.

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