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A Day In the Life…

ougarHi MIIS community. I am Augar Khoshaba, a third-semester TESOL student. My day usually starts at 8:30 a.m. The first thing I often do after having my omelette is checking my Skype and Facebook accounts to see how my  family and friends are doing back home (Iraq). Afterwards, I take a refreshing shower and head to Starbucks on Alverado St. to get my favorite White Mocha. While there, I check my email and manage the SILP Arabic blog. After a few hours of computer work, my brain starts to malfunction and gets distracted by my growling stomach. I go to either Café Trieste or the Crepe place for lunch. When I’m done eating, I go to my tutoring cubicle in McCone building and send notification emails to Arabic SILP students regarding current and future program activities.

After finishing work, I go bike riding with my precious Nikon D3100 along Del Monte beach and Lovers Point Park. I like to capture the beauty of the Pacific, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the colorful nature of Monterey in general. I usually spend about 30 minutes later editing my photos. In the evening, I head back to the cubicle for two hours of tutoring. When I finish my work for the day, I either go to the gym or go out with some friends for a drink or hookah, depending on the day and work load. When I’m home at night, I watch random shows on Netflix, including stand-up comedy episodes which I’ve started to enjoy recently. Then again a warm shower time and go to bed.

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