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A Day In the Life…

DSC00009My name is Mohammed, and I am second year MPA student. As may all know, Monterey is famous for its marine life such sea otters, whales and seals. So, this is how I started my day yesterday in Monterey by going Kayaking in the morning with some friends to take a close look at the cute sea otters’ babies and seals. In fact, this small trip was beyond my expectations and it really made my day. I never anticipated seeing these beautiful creatures so close that I could have touched them while they were floating and enjoying the sun. We kayaked from Cannery Row to Lovers Point where the waves were crazy so we had to go back.

Besides enjoying the wharf and beaches in Monterey, I like playing Dominos with my friends. I usually go to Café Trieste and play there with a couple of friends while enjoying a cup of tea. During the evening, I go to the Sport Center to lift weights and run for a bit.

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