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A Day in the Life…


Of Ghazal Rahmanpanah.

Interning at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (UNIDIR) in Geneva has been nothing short of surreal. My days start around 8:30am with a 30-minute commute from the lovely old town area of Carouge into Palais de Nations, where I am greeted by the infamous Broken Chair sculpture across from the UN entrance. I then spend the next 8-9 hours working on final development of a software tool that began with four brilliant boys from our very own MIIS, as well as drafting new concepts and project proposals for the institution. The day tends to fly by, only to slow down long enough to enjoy a lunch out in the cafeteria that overlooks Geneva’s Lac Leman, surrounded by delegates and interns, peacocks and cool summer breezes. Sitting on the grass eating lunch with your friends takes on an entirely new level when the subject of conversation revolves around what happened at the last Conference on Disarmament (CD).

Once the workday wraps up, there are still another five or so hours of light (woo European Summers!) to enjoy either in the parks, the old town, or out by the lakeside. From when I first arrived, I have heard continuously that there is no greater time to live in this city than in July. I will have to say, the lead up thus far has been pretty great; free live concerts and art exhibits all through the city, beautiful summer weather, and food from all over the world – the list goes on. Having been in Geneva a little over a month now, the summer is flying by. And while I do miss home, mostly the concepts of personal space and stores being open past 7pm, I often wish I could slow things down for just a little bit longer.

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