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The Beaches of Monterey Bay!

Wondering which beaches to explore? Check out this blog post with great info by incoming student Lars Thomas Schlereth!

Week #2 The Beaches of Monterey Bay

June 16, 2013

If you’re from Australia, people ask you about the Outback or the Great Barrier Reef.  If you’re from France, people ask you about the food.  If you’re from Canada, people ask about syrup.  But if you’re living in California, the first thing people are going to ask you is “so what are the beaches like near you?”  To this, I would suggest anyone from the Monterey Bay area answer with the following:

I’ll be honest and say that the beach never really was a big deal for me.  But that’s easy to say when you’ve never lived anywhere near it…and when your burn as quickly as I do.  However Monterey is a different animal, it’s a mild year round 60-70 degrees with a semi-constant sea-breeze.  It’s not the baking heat of further south where the sand is so hot you are terrified to touch it.

Carmel Beach FOR WEB by LTSphoto LLC 01.jpg
Lovers Point FOR WEB by LTSphotoLLC 01.jpg
Asilomar Beach by LTSphotoLLC 02.jpg
Carmel Beach FOR WEB by LTSphoto LLC 02.jpg
Point Cabrillo Seals FOR WEB by LTSphotoLLC 01.jpg
Asilomar Beach Sign FOR WEB by LTSphotoLLC 01.jpg

The other nice thing is how different the coast is over just a few miles and the opportunities that brings.  You’ve got great beach sports up north and then picturesque photo settings along the rocks to the south.

Hopefully over the course of the year, we’ll be able to do some more features on those opportunities and what they’re like.  Camera on a paraglider or surfer? Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking as well.

To check out Lars’ full blog, visit http://www.ltsphoto.com/52weeks/ 

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