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A Day In the Life of Dawn Kleint

Dawn Seine 2012One of the perks of summer vacation is getting to sleep in. I don’t set an alarm anymore; I usually wake up sometime between 9 and noon. On this particular day, I slept in until 11:51 a.m. And the only reason I know the exact time is because I got several text messages from my friend, who so ungraciously interrupted my slumber.

After sleeping away most of the morning, I then found myself chatting on Skype with three friends who had recently graduated from MIIS. Two of them had returned to Iraq and one of them was in Geneva doing an internship. We chatted for over an hour about nothing in particular, but it was just comforting to know that they were still there, despite the distance.

Then realizing I had no further plans for the day, I set off on a bike ride. It was unusually warm and sunny out, as it had been for the past few days. As I rode down to the beach, I saw a plethora of umbrellas and sandy bodies, stretched almost all the way to Seaside. Apparently I wasn’t the only one enjoying the weather.

Following my daily dose of exercise, I went to a Greek cafe and ate a late lunch with some friends. Nothing like a huge gyro plate to satisfy your hunger. And since the only rational thing to do after eating that much food is to take a nap, I willingly indulged myself. I woke up early in the evening, not sure whether to keep sleeping or to get myself out of the house. A friend proposed a movie, so I figured, why not? We saw an evening showing of “The Heat,” an action-comedy with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, that had the whole theater cracking up until the end.

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