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A Day in the Life…

Johnson pic edits 2…of Malcolm Johnson, IEP 14′.
My alarm goes off at 5:30am today and instead of laying in bed enjoying being here, I toss on my warmest clothes, down a glass of water, and make the long 1 minute walk to campus. As the Sustainability Graduate Assistant, I am responsible for assembling our greenhouse gas (GHG) audit, which includes measuring the amount of waste and recycling we generate on campus every week. Luckily, my role on campus is integral to achieving carbon neutrality, so the weekly stroll through campus is worthwhile, that and the opportunity to watch the sunrise.

After taking my sweet time to savor every bite of breakfast and ease into the rest of my day, I head to one of my environmental policy classes with my first glass of tea. As a second year IEP student in the ocean and coastal research management (OCRM) track, I am able to take classes like Environmental Conflict Management and International Marine Science & Policy. It is never a dull day when discussing fisheries collapse or conflicts over water resources.

During my “lunch break,” I’m either preparing for my weekly podcast, meeting with President Ramaswamy, leading a Sustainability Council meeting, or presiding over a Student Council meeting. Being the Student Council President requires patience, dedication, and passion. From writing agendas to communicating with students, there is always work for the President and his executive board, whom I rely on regularly for relief from all the necessary tasks. Checking my email means responding to Student Council inquiries or keeping an eye on my Peace Corps application.

After classes and meetings are finished, I unwind either through a 6-mile run along the coastal trail or from a wonderful yoga session led by a fellow MIIS student or on my own. From there I cook a delicious vegetarian meal and prepare for an evening of work. I make the trek to campus, find a spot in the Samson Center, and make a checklist for my evening tasks. First are my class assignments, then research on ocean education for my RA position, finally I tackle personal research interests (environmental education and ethics). Calling it a night after a few hours, I have my 3rd or 4th glass of tea, stretch all my muscles, hide under my covers, and read/write for pleasure. Only needing 4 hours of sleep makes getting everything finished in a day much easier.

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