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A Day in the Life…

225447_10200769918434946_1044501270_nOf Audrey Metcalf, IPS ’15…

My eyes open to the amusing robot sound of my alarm. I’m not sure how it could possibly be 6:30am already and time to get up and out of my warm and cozy bed. Although on Monday & Wednesday I only have class in the evening unlike my full Tuesday & Thursday, I still have much to do. After hitting snooze once, I finally get up, throw on my workout clothes and head to the gym. Although my eyes are barely open, me and the elyptical machine are working hard. I try to balance an article in one hand and hi-lighter in the other; my squiggly orange marks float across the page with anything but precision as I bounce along my workout.

Before I know it, I am back home listening to a podcast from “This American Life” while I get ready for the day. With great resistance, I work to get my sleepy pup up and outside before I have to leave as the rich smell of fresh coffee brewing begins to fill the house. Today, I am meeting a friend at Plumes Coffee House for a change in scenery from the usual library table and a second cup of coffee. With the early 90’s music and chatter of other patrons, I continue to work on my assignments until its time to move my car. It’s now time to head off to the Samson Center where I am meeting with classmates for a group project for my Research Methods class. With the smell of sandwiches and other unidentifiable concoctions floating in the air, I break out my Tupperware with granola and yogurt that I brought from home to take away the grumbling that has started in my stomach.

As a first semester student in the IPS program on the Human Security & Development track, it has transformed into mid-day at the blink of an eye. I have realized over the last 5 weeks that this is my new reality. This is still a new feeling for me after having spent the last two and a half years in rural Costa Rica as a Community Economic Development facilitator for Peace Corps. To say the Pura Vida pace of life was drastically more relaxed is still a tremendous understatement. With this floating around in my head, I head over to the Office of Student Services where I work as a Graduate Assistant several days a week. Today I will tinker away at the Veterans Services website and do some more research for veterans programs, resources and opportunities.

As my clock ticks to 6pm, I head over to my Conflict Resolution class that is just one of many toward my Con. Res. Certificate. After some heated debate over theories and application, class is over and it’s off to the Indoor Rock Climbing gym my friend has invited me to. I am pumped for this. I make sure I work extra hard while there because I know that afterwards waiting for me at home is an authentic Italian masterpiece. I can smell its success as I park that my incredible roommate has created another amazing meal for us. Before this can happen however, I have some running around with my little spastic nugget of a Tica dog to do, which only makes my night better. Maybe we will walk down to the Coastal Trail a couple blocks away, or perhaps wander the neighborhoods of PG looking for the resident deer family that like to feed on the plants and flowers in peoples yards.
Although now it is around 10:30pm, before I can call it a day, I have got some more reading and homework assignments to do as well as a bit of current event updating to catch up on what has been going on in the world today. However at this time of the evening it is guaranteed to be interjected with intervals of Candy Crush or weird videos on YouTube that make me cry from laughing so hard (check out dubstep cat, it’s amazing). Life here in Monterey and at MIIS is a change of pace to what I have been used to for a while, but it’s full of spontaneous adventures, meeting new and remarkable people and giving my brain a workout. All in all, it has been a good day.


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