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A Day in the Life…


…of Katie Campbell!

It’s invigorating to wake up to a place that’s teeming with language, culture and the Monterey slice of California life. I smile to myself asking, where else but here would I wake up to the far-reaching echo of seals barking from the wharf?

Out of bed, open my door, and right there is Tobias- one of two dogs that lives under the same roof as me.  He’s always in the same spot next to the stairwell, guarding his parents who sleep upstairs (and me as well, I suppose).  Thanks to the MIIS housing website, I’m living a solid three minutes away from campus with a couple who have been incredibly generous and welcoming towards me.

As a T&I student, I love that our program requires us to be acutely aware of what’s going on in the world and across various disciplines. I start my day with some breakfast, listening to the daily French news report “le JT de Canal +” which I found out about through one of my classmates.  Multitasking with a hot beverage, toast, and pen and paper in hand, I’m actively listening to the news and making note of vocabulary I want to reinforce in my practice, as well as concepts or phrases that I don’t understand.  This is a crucial aspect of being a language student, and I’m really grateful to see that something I enjoy doing anyway is now an integral part of my daily academic and personal routine.

After having been the library or studying in Samson, sooner rather than later I encounter my beloved T&I group. We are a whopping clan of five (sometimes six)! We’ve gotten to know each other pretty well not only through class, but also through the eight hours of interpretation practice we meet for each week. I really enjoy the collaborative nature of our practice group and am happy listening to (and interpreting!) their speeches about current events, themselves, their family and friends.  Even though we are all working on improving our individual skills, so much of that progress comes from being mindful about the performances of others and the feedback that we give.  A shout out to the second-year T&I students who always have our backs and keep us up when the pace and demands of our program make our heads spin. For me, this comradery is an essential part of everyday life at MIIS.

Recently, I’ve planted broccoli, lettuce and kale in my plot at “Our Green Thumb,” our student-run community garden.  I really enjoy stopping in to water my plants, throw my banana peel in the compost bin and chat with schoolmates. Everyone is really friendly here and I find it easy to share whatever highs, lows and in-betweens I may be experiencing, be they academic (and) or personal.  The day always passes quickly but never leaves me short of being fulfilled by the new skills I’m obtaining here. A “day in the life” is gaining new insights from the wonderful, open and inspiring community of Monterey and MIIS.

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