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I was born in Monterey and grew up in Pacific Grove. When I started at MIIS, unlike many of my classmates, I didn’t get to move to a new city with a different culture, language, or climate. Being a local, however, does have its advantages. I know where to get the best sushi (Crystal Fish), great Mexi-Cali (Peppers), and have a car I can drive to get to these places! And meeting people from elsewhere gives me an excuse to do all the fun touristy things I wouldn’t do with my local friends, like go to the Aquarium and cruise 17-Mile Drive.

I’ve known about MIIS since I was a kid and wanted to study here ever since I began learning German in the eighth grade. Before starting here, I was told (warned?) by my high school friend and current MIIS Russian TI student, Nelson, that my days of coasting through school were over. I now understand what he meant. Between class, homework, weekly sight practice, weekend workshops, writing blogs and career events, I hardly have anytime for the Netflix marathons I once cherished. It’s work I enjoy, though, and taking challenging classes is well worth being a season or two behind on Parks & Rec. And after working for my parents’ construction company all last year where I was the youngest person by several decades, I now appreciate being surrounded by like-minded people my own age in a way I didn’t before.

Today is a pretty typical Friday for me. I have sight translation practice from 4-6 with my German group and professor. Our lesson will be a little different this time, however, because we’re meeting in the classroom for the first hour but going to a pub to practice translating toasts and dinner speeches for the second. One good thing about graduate school is almost everyone is old enough to get a pint. We may be a small bunch, just the three of us, but what we lack in numbers we more than make up for in enthusiasm! After class, I imagine we’ll head over to the Samson Center to catch the tail end of the social hour.

I realize that to some people who move here, Monterey may seem a little dull compared to cities like New York or L.A. But Monterey has its own charm (as well as white sand beaches, mild weather, and rich history). I think who you spend your time with is more important than where you spend your time. And you’d be hard pressed to find brighter, more engaged students anywhere else in the U.S. and probably world for that matter.


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