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A Day in the Life…

Nolan Day in the Life…of Nolan Sutker!

“Okay Bells, okay,” I say as my dog Bella whines and snores in my face. “I’m up, let’s go,” as she shakes the entire back of her body in excitement, she doesn’t exactly have a tail like most dogs so this is her way of showing excitement. We get up together, regardless of my day at around 6:30-6:45am and I take her out for a quick walk for her to do her business. This particular day, we go out quickly because I have a busy morning. I need to schedule my classes online at 7:00am for the Spring semester. I get all the classes I want including International Student Assessment, Latin American Development and Policy and Developmental Economics. Next, I have a scheduled informational interview with one of the secretariat’s of Education at the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) at 8:00am. It’s 5:00pm local time for him in Paris and this is the only time he has available to speak. Our interview covers aspects of his job, day-to-day responsibilities, his career path and history, rewards of his job, challenges, greatest accomplishment, future predictions of the analyst position and finally, recommendations for somebody going into the field. This is my intended career path so this interview was extremely helpful. The informational interview is a useful tool for all students because it gives you insight into a job you may want and creates a networking connection in the future.

After the interview, I run into the bathroom and do the 4 sh’s (use your imagination) and then make a quick breakfast of Brazilian coffee, eggs, turkey bacon, avocado toast and yogurt with flaxseed and banana. I get to campus and head straight to put some hot water in my coffee mug for my green tea, everyone on campus, it seems, is getting sick so this is my constant defense. At 10:00am, Spanish class begins. Today, we speak about some grammar points, reflection questions on a movie and about our final (10) minute presentation and (3) page paper. My subject will be the Brazilian education system as my friend had recently brought me a book about the system in Spanish. After class, I rush to grab a sandwich in Samson as I say hello to a couple of friends before our weekly Student Council meeting in the McCone boardroom. I arrive at 12:05pm and sit down for the meeting’s agenda. The topics today focus on potential charities for the proceeds from our fall Fall-ies show and the outline of Student Council’s responsibilities for the show. Our meeting adjourns early, finishing at 1:00pm.

I head off towards the Holland center to finish working on a paper/case study for my Budgeting in Educational Organizations class. The study follows budget cuts handed down by the government that the dean, English chairman and various campus departments must consider. Our job was to analyze how the process was conducted and make any recommendations for improvements. During my jaunt from McCone to Holland, two of my favorite songs come on in my white, generic earphones. “Fake Empire” by The National and “40-Day Dream” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. These (5) minutes serve as a time of solace and peace as I look up at the sky and sing the lyrics.

After finishing the budgeting paper at 3:00pm, I get to work on sending an email to my entire International Education Management program, quickly highlighting our Fall Forum as well as a final heads up for the Fall-ies and a clothing drive on campus for victims of the typhoon in the Philippines. 4:00pm arrives and budgeting class begins; we have a long discussion about our case studies with interaction by all participants. At 6:00pm, I quickly head down to the local farmer’s market to get a falafel and some strawberries for a makeshift dinner. I then come back to campus and head to the DLC for a quick (1) hour session on how to enhance my online e-portfolio. We learn a bit about HTML coding and my website begins it’s journey of looking somewhat professional. At 7:15pm, I run home to take Bella out, we play a bit with her tennis ball as she and her Dad get some fresh air. At 8:00pm, my buddy and I get together to do some work. Tonight, I’m working on a research paper about the 100,000 strong initiative by the United States whose focus is to have 100,000 exchange students studying in Latin America every year. I do as much as I can until about midnight; I’m exhausted. I get to sleep, with my paper almost complete and my dog alarm ready to wake me the next morning, bright and early.

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