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A Day in the Life…

Ximena Ospina… of Ximena Ospina, MPA/IEM ’14!

My typical day starts off at 6:45AM when my alarm goes off. I hit the snooze button until 7:15 (half an hour snoozing is necessary for me), put on some Bomba Estereo and Ana Tijoux and get ready for my day. I make coffee with the new French press, and I pack my meals for the day, which includes my breakfast, lunch and many snacks. Then I head to my 8:00AM class, Data Analysis, where I play with some predictors and outcomes while I eat my breakfast. After my first class, I find a corner in Samson (cafeteria) plug in my old but sturdy Mac and get to email duty for the organization that I work for part-time, PCT Colombia, an International Cultural Exchange Program. Shortly after, my Finance Functions for Non-Profit group shows up and we look over a Guatemalan NGO’s budget and use our financial management tools to improve it. After dissecting incomes statements and cash flows, I eat my lunch, which are usually leftovers from my weekend cooking. With some time to kill before I head to the Sports Center, I stare at the Peace Corps application. After a few minutes of that, I look for an IEM practicum and jobs in Colombia, and then I read for my classes and work on any projects with upcoming deadlines. Once 5’oclock hits, I head down to the gym and get my work out in. On my way home, I talk to my parents over the phone, which ends up with them bribing me to visit them on the weekend. I get home around 7, make dinner, watch an episode or two… or three of The Wild Thornberrys (I am a 90’s kid, can’t help it), and then I shower off the day. Since I get great ideas in the shower I immediately write them down once I am out. As I reflect in bed, I remember I have Student Council responsibilities so I write up an email to send to all my MPA constituents about events or any updates they should be aware of. Lastly, I do any last minute reading, podcast listening and homework-ing, for Policy Analysis and do some research on my J-term location, Peru, which ends up pushing my bedtime to12:30AM. The days I don’t have last minute duties for class, I do some writing in my journal or sketch while listening to my favorite Pandora stations, usually Today’s Comedy (everyone needs a good laugh before bed). Before closing my eyes, I ritually put on the movie 500 Days of Summer, which I have seen over 500 times, so I fall asleep.

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