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A Day in the Life…

… of Katie Brown!

Katie Brown

6:30 am. That’s my alarm. I turn it off because I set another one 10 minutes later, of course.  6:40. I slowly make my way out of bed and into the shower to wake up. The next hour consists of frenzied movements back and forth between the bathroom, my room and the kitchen: breakfast, brush teeth, make-up, clothes, find my keys, find my iPod, and go! The walk to school is a pleasant one. I am usually running late so I walk briskly, as I listen to the tunes of the day. Though the walk is usually uneventful, on one Monday morning I saw something coming towards me. A doe was casually walking up the sidewalk in my direction. After we both waited to cross the intersection at Watson Street, I continued on down the hill, but decided to give the sidewalk to my furry friend and walk in the street- out of courtesy, of course.  Next stop, Plumes. Before 8am class, I meet Tylie for her coffee and my Earl Grey tea, and we head up to class. We usually stop in the garden on campus before class to sit and chat, before really beginning the day.

A class filled with laughter and lively discussion goes by, and it’s 10am. Depending on the day, I head straight to class again, or I’m off to work. At 1pm, it’s lunchtime. As I am usually starving at this point, the goal is to find Tylie and Lindsay and find food–fast! I usually eat lunch in the garden. This is the most beautiful and calming space on campus and it is where I choose to spend most of my free time on campus. It is quiet, yet buzzing with chatter; it is calm, yet full of life. This is where I go to be alone and sit, or where I go to find all of the people I want to see. The best part though, is my favorite swing.  After some lunch, enjoying good company, and swinging, everyone else peels off to class. If it is a Monday, then I am already done with school and work. This semester, Mondays are my shortest days in an otherwise jam-packed week, so I attempt to use this time wisely- or at least enjoy it.

At this point I might head over to the Samson reading room and get some work done that I avoided doing all weekend.  Afterwards, I would probably head home again to get ready for a run. Or if I’m feeling more adventurous and have a swimming buddy, then I’ll go swimming in the ocean. It’s cold, and sometimes terrifying, but it’s wonderful!

Somehow, the evening sneaks up on me really quickly. If it’s a Tuesday, I would be down on Alvarado street at the market. This is my favorite Tuesday activity- a sentiment I think most MIIS students share. It is a perfect time to get local produce for the week, and run into everyone you know.

Then it’s back home for some dinner. If my roommates are home, we will cook something together, which usually turns in a hodge-podge of random foods: roasted acorn squash, rice with arugula sauce, kale and broccolini from our garden, and avocado, tomato, and cucumber salad. After dinner I turn on the Al Green Pandora station and get back to work. I send all the emails I forgot to send that day, finish all of the work for the next day, and look at my planner for the week. The day goes by just as quickly as it began, and it’s time for bed. I feel I’m getting older, as my grad school bedtime has gotten earlier and earlier since I moved here to Monterey.  Lights out! Whether it’s been a productive day, a social day, a lazy day, or a beach day, it’s been a good day in my new life here.

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