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A Day In The Life…


…of Michelle Fredrickson!

It’s early morning as I look out over the misty California coast anxious to get my day started. With great reluctance, I set out for an early morning run determined to clear my mind in anticipation of the hectic day ahead. Each step I take pushes me closer to the end where relief and a sense of accomplishment awaits. Rushing around, reggae plays in the background as I get ready, drink my protein shake and prepare for my first class of the day on Design and Assessment. As I make the short drive from Pacific Grove, I am feeling a mixture emotion towards my next assignment; in class I open up my laptop to create a logic model for the University of San Diego’s Study Abroad program.  I’ve discovered a deep passion for helping others to enrich their lives through international experiences.

After class I head to my internship where we brainstorm about language program improvement. At this time, I am thankful for my background in education.

With a two-hour break in my day I walk to Café Lumiere to meet with a few classmates that have become cherished friends. Determined to make the most of every minute, we generate ideas for tackling an upcoming case-study assignment for a course in Higher Education Administration. In the midst of completing an outline we daydream about our lives after grad school…a life that entails endless amounts of rest and relaxation!

Calming a sudden rush of anxiety, I think positive thoughts before my upcoming Spanish class. I am excited to find that we are discussing the impacts of Latin-American migration on the education system in the United States. Relieved that this is a topic I find interesting in any language, I am able to fully immerse myself in the session. The next two hours seem to fly by but, suddenly, I only have five minutes to switch from thinking in Spanish to engaging in enthusiastic conversation around acculturation in English.

Mentally exhausted, I quickly rush to my final class of the day. I always look forward to my course on crossing cultures where we explore intercultural competencies and cultural adaptation.

Reaching the end of my day, I’m relieved to head home and maximize the last few hours of my typical Tuesday. I take a few deep relaxing breaths to connect and reflect as I prepare for the unknown adventure of the next day!

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