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A Day in the Life of Rohan John!

RohanA Day in the Life of Rohan John

*Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena
Que tu cuerpo es pa darle alegria y cosa buena
Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena

No, I do not wake up in a Latin American nightclub every morning—it just happens to be the only thing barring being dunked a tub of ice that gets me out of bed. Once I finish the chorus dance portion, I am off to make the elixir that allows me to get though the day: my cup of coffee. I live quite the ways from campus, so this cup of coffee and my breakfast is an equation so that I can make the 30-minute trek to school. Now, don’t get me wrong, this journey is the most calming portion of my day, but gosh do I despise it! The walk is a very good way to capture all my thoughts for the day and get my checklists out of the way. A very good bit of advice: live close to campus, for sanity’s sake and for the more appropriate use of time.

Classes at the Monterey Institute are still surprisingly exciting to me, even one semester in. I am a Nonproliferation and Terrorism major at the school and the awe of the subject matter, my peers and most of all our professors never seems to subside. At the end of the day I meet up with my friend Daniel, and we grab dinner together and out of the kindness of his heart he drops me back to the Kingdom of the Far Away Land (a.k.a. my abode). The one plus of living so very close to the woods and so far away from civilization is that we have at my home an incredible, serene deck with a tiki bar and a view into the jungle ravine nearby.  I usually have a couple of friends over once a week on the deck to just unwind and grab a couple of beers. The discussion obviously starts in our subject matter at school, but then into a diverse plethora of many important issues. This is why the Monterey Institute of International Studies has surprised me the most–the ability of the students to care about more than just what they are taught is something I was dealing with for the first time.

Weekends are much simpler, Saturdays are just about football, the MIIS Varsity AAA Football Team is a club formed for all you NFL aficionados, and we get quite the turn out to play flag football. The Monterey Institute of International Studies has taught me a lot in this short span but the one thing I will take away is the beauty that is California. I am not a big hiker, but when forced to go to Big Sur, one never says no. The lesson being, always be ready to try something new and I think that, in essence, is my life at the Monterey Institute and I hope that that never fades.

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