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A Day in the Life of Angel Quintanilla

Fidel AngelMy alarm really needs to get a job! It always goes off as scheduled but that is often about 30 minutes later than when my body decides it’s time to wake up. What is it with my biological clock being so fine-tuned? My intentions are to wake up at 7:00 am and get up 10 or 15 minutes later, after having hit the snooze button a couple of times. Instead, I wake up at around 6:30 and look at my clock, turn and toss for a while, getting up at 7:15 is as intended but having lost 45 minutes of much needed sleep.

After a quick shower and getting dressed, I consume a bowl of cereal and begin to gather my things for the day. My laptop is still on top of my desk open to a paper that I was working on until 1:30 or 2 in the morning. I wonder if I saved it before going to bed and decide that I must save again, close the laptop and rush out the door. As I get in my car I realize I have just 15 minutes to get to Marina Vista Elementary school where I read with 8 beautiful lively first graders.

As I arrive at the school the principal is on the school PA system thanking the children for many good things and giving them some pearls of wisdom for the day. I quickly gather my children’s folders and head to room 11 where, as I enter, some of the children turn and smile and wave while others point to themselves indicating that they want to be first. My reading group is limited to these 8 who have shown that they need just a little more help than the others to get them caught up on their reading skills.

Anthony loves to read and always has a lot of energy. He always wants to be first! Jasmine is a little quieter but loves to sidetrack from the book to tell stories about her family activities during the weekend. I let her do so for a while because she is so enthusiastic, but we must return to the story in the book so she can sharpen her reading skills. Andrew, who hails from Samoa, is always bright eyed and has a great smile that will surely make the girls’ hearts melt later on in life. He has come a long way since we started reading together in room 11. He is very sharp and has a process for figuring out words that are a bit challenging. He first looks at the picture on the page and tries to determine what the writer may be saying here. He often gets it right but sometimes he can’t and the next step is to look up at me. He does not say a word, he just looks at me with his big bright eyes and I know that I must quickly tell him what the word is so we can move on. As I finish with my last reader I get up and look around the room to collect one last smile to take with me and carry me the rest of the day; this is the highlight of my day.

I rush to the META Lab where I work with some really smart dudes on really interesting stuff. Seriously, you want to learn about what tools are available to really put together some great analyses? These are the go-to people.  I can’t tell you more or I would have to…I really can’t tell you more.

There is often a great lecture at CNS or at Irvine that I must go to at noon! Toastmasters is always happening on Tuesdays and unless there is something more appealing (has to be really appealing) I head to Morse A101 for some great public speaking by fellow students and community members. As the treasurer, I have some Toastmasters club business to attend to so this is a great opportunity to visit with the awesome people at Student Services. Shout out to Maria and Megan who, I don’t know how they do it, but they get things done for us that I could not get done myself!

It’s two o’clock and we must prepare for the Global Politics Security Summit simulation. This is where future policy makers get chiseled into true professionals.

After class concludes at 1800 I call Charles, my son who is at DLI, to let him know that I am on my way. He recently joined the Air force and is trying to carve his path ahead. First however, we must carve away a few pounds off his body; gym time!

As I conclude my workout I look at my phone and realize that I have missed some really important stuff! I have over 20 new messages in WhatsApp. They are all from my Colombia Jterm team who have become like family to me. We have become a very tight knit group and they are right up there with the school children as the best part of any day. The girls, Cristina, Arianne, Whitney, and Teryn have put together a plan for the weekend I see and I may be driving, or dancing, or dining, whatever; regardless, I know it’s going to be a good time. Amy flew in from Colorado and Lisha will be joining us too? Perfect! Is Kevin coming? Oh what, he left already? Darn!

As I sit back at my desk at home at around midnight, I look at my bed and wish I could jump right in but I need to work on that paper from last night; Did I save it?

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