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A Day in the Life of Devon Blount!

Devon BlountMy phone is buzzing and I groan. 5:30 AM:  get up and get going. 2 more hours of sleep would’ve been perfect, or a half hour, or even just fifteen minutes, but I’m only arguing with myself as I climb in the shower. I’ve resigned to the fact that I have 5 summer shirts and 5 pairs of slacks in my tiny, tiny wardrobe. In fact, it’s come in handy 5/7 days a week. I grab this and that from my closet, tuck my shirt in, wonder why I didn’t hand wash my only pair of work socks, and mosey down the stairs to burn a little bacon.

Mornings in Washington, D.C. are nothing like Monterey: Summer is coming. 60 degree mornings are humid; the air is so heavy I often relish its density in my lungs, reminding me of my Philadelphia childhood. At 7 AM, I always hope the metro is almost bare, but today, there is no seating in the first car. Eased by the morning paper and some 90s and 00s hits on Spotify, I snag a seat at L’Enfant Plaza and settle into the rest of my commute to Northern Virginia.

My route to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) is indirect; from the metro, I hop on a shuttle, and take the stairs in my building to my desk. My lonely cubicle awaits the arrival of other interns to keep me company, but I dismiss the lack of bodies and I bury my head in the 2012 FATF Recommendations, taking short breaks to job hunt. In my plan, there would be no better place to be right after MIIS than to stay at FinCEN, but I suppose I should be prepared with alternatives.

It’s Tuesday, my favorite weekday: the plethora of morning and afternoon meetings leave little time to get much done, but the satisfaction of sharing the previous week’s progress  with my colleagues is enough to power me through the day and help to solidify my role as an IPSS Fellow. I feel like an equal, no longer a student, ignoring the school assignments that await me at home, of course.

Starting my day before 9AM, excuses me before 5PM and I grab the shuttle to the metro that fills in the city center. Internally designing my dinner, I eagerly await my stop and speed walk home. Maybe I could aspire to compete if I keep my form perfect (heel, toe, heel, toe – it’s all in the hips…). In February, falling asleep on the couch was my evening ritual, but now I cook & eat, get my daily dose of Facebook, and review the material from last weekend’s workshop with Dr. Ruehsen. A bit of research for a 20-page paper and for my work with a private compliance firm, prod me to head upstairs to the coziness of some music, reading, and shut-eye.

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