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A Day in the Life of George Payne!


george day in the life

These days, my day starts roughly between the hours of 3-5am. My cat B.B. gets up and generally thinks, with his 5 and ½ month old brain, that if he’s up, we must want to be up. So I generally hit snooze on the alarm clock on my phone until almost 7am, roll out of bed and start the shower. It takes 5 minutes to heat up and so do I, so I hop back in bed. After the shower, there’s a whirlwind of coffee and early morning lunch making and litter box changing and reading last minute stuff before hopping in the car to go to school. If we’re in separate cars, I’ll try to race Martina to school whilst taking the scenic route. I lose every time, but then I get to listen to a podcast for 10 minutes or so. Freakonomics is my favorite, but This American life is just as good if the former still has to download. I try to get to school within 5 minutes of the change of classes to maximize my chances of snagging a student parking space. Otherwise I’m changing spots every 2 hours until the early afternoon. And then of course it’s something; I’m in class, I’m in a meeting, I’m at work, and I’m coordinating club events and activities. I find a certain kind of satisfaction in what I would call “good busy”, which basically means my day is tight – very little time to lollygag in the middle of the day leaves even less time to follow my wanderlust for adventure. I tell myself we’ll have time to recapture those moments in different ways soon enough and I keep my head on straight in the inbetween time. My day winds down around 9-12 at night, leaving just enough time to end the day right. Dinner, dessert, dessert, dessert, and family style cuddles before hitting repeat in the morning.


That’s a day in the life.

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